Why Us


Sterlows Sheds and Structures is a local retailer with a difference.

We provide Australian made sheds, carports, patios, verandas and anything you need to complement your lifestyle desires and to create your dream outdoor oasis. Our company is based in Stirling North, and it’s our goal to provide a high-quality service to these areas and beyond to support our community. We work closely with you to exceed your construction goals to design structures that suit your lifestyle, family and personal needs. Our team is aware this is a significant investment, and we nurture a process that reflects the desires and wellbeing of our clients.
Personal and Innovative
Yes, we talk directly to you, work beside you and listen to you. We hear you because we are you but with rich experience and extensive knowledge to bring your dreams to fruition. Our sheds and structures seek to push the limits of what a living space can be, as they are essentially a hybrid experience of a shed — no longer a rusted building filled with old stuff but a haven for possibilities.
We are environmentally minded

All of our materials are Australian-made, and because almost everything is recyclable, there is minimal waste. Also, the process of making our sheds is more sustainable compared to typical construction techniques.

What we do is pour the slab first, which stops the shed from rusting over time, and this ensures your structure will have longevity. Our environmentally friendly construction techniques have been perfected through our extensive experience with the process.


Grounded by strong construction knowledge and a rich experience, we only offer high quality service.


We work closely with you in exceeding technical construction goals and requirements.

Outdoor living

We design, plan and build your next project to suit the lifestyle, family and personal needs you desire.

Stirling Range

We continue to seek and push the possibilities of your Home's potential beyond the traditional limits.


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